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Training and learning materials

Back in 1992 when I was just starting my freelance career, I answered an ad in the Yorkshire Post for a writer for training. I didn't expect to hear anything back but, to my surprise, found myself being interviewed in a boardroom at Lifeskills, at the time one of the leading distance learning organisations in the country. That interview had two major impacts on my life: firstly I met Melanie Allen who became my mentor and friend (more about her soon because she is a truly inspriring woman) and secondly I started distance learning materials for Very Important Companies.
In the ensuing 17 years I've written for almost every profession at every level. In the old days, most of the materials were print based; now many work interactively and are produced for websites. But the principles remain the same: I try to develop materials that not only teach learners but also enthuse them, that encourage them to master the skills, principles and learning that will help them perform better in the workplace. 
It's easier said than done. Imagine trying to convince nuclear engineers who believe that computers are the spawn of the devil that they really can learn new safety procedures online. Or helping jaded and exhausted managers appreciate that there are new ways to exploit their talents. Or teaching rookie bookies how to differentiate between a score of different bets whilst simultaneously keeping the premises secure and identifying potential gambling junkies. Or persuading farmers to turn off their tractor engines before they start fiddling with the PTOs. Through distance learning we've done all of this and more.
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