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Pearson English

Previously known as Penguin Readers and Penguin Longman Readers, these best-selling books are renowned worldwide. 

For nearly twenty years I've been adapting quality fiction for English language learners. Each title is carefully structured using selected vocabulary and grammar so students can select the level that is appropriate for their language skills. It's a great job - rather like completing a very large and complex crossword puzzle. There are too many titles to list here  (I've worked on about 30 titles) but my adaptations include Tales of Shakespeare, the Pirates of the Caribbean series and Breakfast at Tiffany's

Two of the titles I've adapted have won their category of the English Reading Foundation annual awards: Billy Eliott in 2012 and Checkmate in 2016. 
2018 update 
The relaunched series of readers (now known as Pearson English Readers) is hitting the bookshelves even as I type. Last year I worked on Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor, both based on Marvel movies. Great fun to adapt and converted me to a a genre of film I'd never even thought of watching. Hopefully they'll help to engage a whole new generation of English language learners.