July 2013: I need a frock

Such excitement! Tomorrow I'm off to Kendal for the Lakeland Literary Awards ceremony to help Sarah Hampton (Learning to Tie a Bow) celebrate her place on the shortlist. I am as proud as a mother hen (although judging by the hens around here, pride in their offspring is not a dominant emotion) and looking forward to a splendid day out. Hence the need for a frock. What do cutting-edge editors wear these days? Tailored and trussed-up? Fey and floaty? Advice from those in the know will be received with gratitude. 

A couple of weeks ago, I was up in Wigtown, Scotland, for the launch of Cafe Paradise by Patricia Comb. The book is a joy to read and genuinely funny. The food at ReadingLasses was wonderful and the place was packed out. it's a pleasure to see authors that I've worked with doing so well.

After the traumas of last year, things are returning to normal. My mother died on 3 January, which leaves a big gap in all our lives. I'm up and about, if not up and running. Am back to work - a relief, as there is only so much daytime TV one can take before pleading for an early demise. Now I start the search for something new and challenging to work on. Suggestions welcome, providing that they are legal and appropriate for a respectable, mature woman... Hopefully that doesn't rule out everything that could be interesting and fun.