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July 2012: July already?

This is just plain embarrassing... My last attempt to blog (is that a bona fide verb? Sounds a bit dodgy) was entitled Happy New Year. And now it's July, the rain is falling and I'm still wearing the usual thermals. Except, of course, for business meetings when I try to look efficient and groomed and to walk in high heels. Thank God most meetings these days are not face to face - the effort is just too great! 

So why is time passing so quickly? Is it because I'm getting old? Or because I'm busy? Whatever, so far this has been a fast-moving year with plenty of new projects and clients. Sometimes it's exhausting, sometimes it's nerve-wracking but it's never dull. Through working with 2QT I'm discovering some terrific new authors and confident that a number of them are going to be successful - there's a lot of talent out there. Editing, coaching writing students and facilitating workshops is great fun. Hard to think of it as work. 

Am very excited about some books that are coming out soon: Sheila Edwards' Learning to Tie a Bow, Sheila Dibnah's A Cast Iron Will and Peter Jackson's new travel book about his mammoth walk from Land's End to John O'Groats. All good writers who can really tell a story...

Now all I need is a little sunshine and a few more hours in the day...