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December 2012: Crisis - and then a bit of drama

Even by my standards - and those of you who know me well will be aware that trouble and I are like a magnet and iron filings - the last few months have been outstanding. After a relatively peaceful, productive and pleasant first half of the year, things went pear-shaped. My poor mother was diagnosed with advanced cancer and given a short time to live. Good on her that she has outfoxed the doctors and is still with us, albeit in hospital and very weak. I learned quickly about the murky depths of the NHS and spent a lot of time battling 'the system' but eventually was able to nurse her at home with lots of support from district nurses. Until ... I woke up in the middle of the night with stomach ache, did a 15 mile emergency dash to Airedale Hospital, five and a half hours in the operating theatre, a day in intensive care and another week on a ward. The full ER scenario minus the beefcake doctors - although many thanks to my charming surgeons who evidently saved my life. As they later told me, it was 'just one of those things' - I had been incredibly unlucky in that a problem that thousands of people have and know nothing about had gone rather dramatically wrong. 

I'm home now, pretty helpless for the next few weeks but able to spend plenty of time watching awesomely bad daytime TV. I am also, by some people's standards, enviably thin having lost a stone and a half overnight...

I won't be doing Christmas this year but will be making a charity donation instead. So, can I use this blog to wish you all a very happy festive time and a wonderful 2013? Enjoy and make merry!!