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Blog 5: Happy New Year

New Year, New Blog. The first one in months - I haven't taken to this blogging business at all. Or tweeting. Or facebooking. Firstly, I can't think of a damned thing to write that anyone else would want to read about. Secondly, I spend most of my waking hours feverishly pounding the keyboard for money and the rest of the time doing important things like sleeping. Not much time (or if I'm honest, inclination) to reveal my soul to those people who actually read blogs.
However, it is new year and a time to take on new challenges. Like joining the 21st century and learning how to exploit IT rather than poking it with a stick occasionally. Time to think about the future and to hope that it proves peaceful and prosperous. Last year was difficult and many of us have faced professional uncertainty and financial challenges. (That's a posh way of saying that jobs and money have been hard to come by.) 2012 will hopefully be easier. Good luck to everyone: employed, self-employed, aspiring to be employed. I hope that this year you find work that enhances your life, gives you that buzz of satisfaction that only a job well done can do and fills the coffers to a satisfactory level.
Happy New Year everyone.