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Blog 3: The Great Escape

Not a lot of tunnelling involved, more a case of flying up and down the M6 in a bright blue van but the end result is the same: freedom!
The benefit of working from home is that your office is only ever six feet away so it's an easy commute that can be completed without makeup and in a pair of fluffy slippers. The problem with working from home is that your office is only ever six feet away. It's there, in your face, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The only way to get away from that office, in my experience, is to flee the country.
Taking the occasional holiday would have been too simple. I decided to buy a caravan on a beach in Scotland. I am now officially trailer trash (yes Andy, trailer trash with pearls) - and it's wonderful. Never having been inside a caravan before (I always held out for five star hotels) it's a whole new experience - like living in a Wendy House with mod cons.
Mod cons, not mod comms but with my trusty dongle (and if the wind is in the right direction) I can get a slow connection to the Internet. Which is pretty much all I need because I've discovered that being out of the office is unleashing a positive flood of productivity. No more shuffling papers, sharpening pencils, polishing the bookshelves and all those other displacement activities that the freelance writer is so very, very good at. No more spending three hours on the phone to friends, discussing work or the lack of it. No more Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. No more excuses. Pen has been covering paper and fingers hitting keyboard at a ferocious rate.
Have also discovered a gem of a bookshop that supplies a cracking cappuccino as well as a classy supply of feminist literature and polemic. More about that soon...