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August 2016 update

It's been such a busy year so far that I am again offering apologies for not maintaining this website. Apologies, not excuses. I spend a lot of time advising my writers to keep up with their social media and regularly update their websites but don't do it myself. Do as I say, not as I do...

The publishing industry seems to be gaining ground again after a long, sad period after 2008. Either that or I have simply struck lucky. On the editing side, I'm working with some amazing authors. Some are new; watch out for David Wickham's Stolen Children which should be out this autumn, a very moving account of the Disappeared in Argentina during the 1970s. Some are writers with whom I've worked for a number of years: I'm so excited that Sarah Hampton has finished her sequel to Learning to Tie a Bow. She is a joy to work with and proof that age is no barrier to literary accomplishment. Helen Harper continues to gain favour as one of the country's top urban fantasy authors - check her out if you fancy something really different.

I'm writing a second edition of What Employers Want which will be published next year. Hopefully it will encourage young job seekers to have more confidence in their own abilities - and bridge that gap between school and work that can appear to be such an abyss.

I won my category again in the ERF awards though unfortunately couldn't make the awards ceremony in Birmingham. There was my chance to do a Gwyneth and thank everyone from my editors through to the milkman and I blew it. But it was great to know that the adaptation of Checkmate had been recognised  and hopefully it will help introduce new readers to the awesome Malory Blackman.  

After nearly twenty-five years of self-employment, I still haven't learnt to say no to an interesting job and continue to work too hard. But hey - it's never really seemed like work...