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August 2015 update

I spend a lot of time talking to authors about the importance of updating their websites to generate interest in their books. Do I follow my own advice and regularly share news here? No, of course not. I'm too busy editing, writing and talking to authors about updating their websites.

Today, however, cup of coffee at my side and good intentions  to the fore, here's a brief summary of the past year.

Busy, busy busy. 2QT moved into an office in the metropolis - that's Settle to those of you familiar with the Yorkshire Dales. I share their office space. The intention was to be in there every day, nine 'til five, beavering away - but you know what happens to good intentions. The office a great base from which I can explore the local coffee shops, catch up with Catherine Cousins and feel important when I say, 'I'm at the office.' 

In the last twelve months I've edited more than thirty books - I stopped counting eventually - as well as proofreading for regular clients including Magna, Severn Print and Allison and Busby. It's been great fun and 2QT has found some terrific new authors as well as working with a number of writers for the second (or more) time. There is so much talent out there. www.2qt.co.uk

Editing is a rigorous process but in these days of self-publishing it's incredibly important. Writers owe smooth, accurate and well-written content to their readers if they expect those readers to buy their books. So, I continue to act out my role as the 'grammar ninja' as well as mentoring writers to help them develop their work. I'm a lucky woman. To see some of the books we've worked on, visit 

Much to my surprise, I've had a piece of non-fiction accepted by the online magazine Drunken Boat. It will appear in issue 21 on August 15th 2015. I rarely submit work these days, so it was an honour to be accepted by such a prestigious title - for goodness' sake, they publish Pulitzer Prize winners! http://www.drunkenboat.com/

I'm also a finalist in the ERF literature awards for an adaptation of Malorie Blackman's novel Checkmate. This is an international award for books aimed at English learners and my third nomination. Sadly Penguin readers seem to have bitten the dust - there haven't been any new ones recently. Not sure why or what is happening at the publishers - but I hope they bring them back. http://erfoundation.org/wordpress/awards/2015-finalists/ 

I'm kicking around some ideas for new prose pieces but can always find a way to divert myself through work - editing is so much more pleasurable than producing the words myself!

I'm continuing to mentor writers, something that I love, as well as editing and proofing. If you need help, get in touch!