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2018 update

I love looking at authors' websites - and I hate updating my own. So apologies to any kind souls who have stopped by in recent months and discovered that the last real update was in 2016. Disgraceful - and no way to run a business! 

Part of the reason that I am so lax is simply because I'm busy working. As a freelance editor and writer, my work not only pays the bills but gives me great pleasure. I've been in this business for nearly thirty years and am still going strong. This is a labour-intensive job, however. Like most people, I have only one brain and one pair of hands with which to type so editing a 90,000 word novel makes for long working days - and I'm often involved with two or three projects simultaneously. Work, sleep, repeat - and repeatedly forget to tidy up the website...

Enough of the excuses - here is the news. Last year I sampled living in France for six months and now I'm resident here. Yes (and apologies for sounding smug), it's fantastic. I have never seen so many happy people. 

The relocation doesn't affect clients; most of my authors are UK based and we keep in touch via email, Skype and phone. I'll be in the Uk a couple of times a year for meetings so there's always a chance to meet up. Actually, it's no different to being in the wilds of North Yorkshire. 

2017 was incredibly busy and I was privileged to work with some cracking new authors. Many of them are part of the  2QT Publishing Services 'family' - the company goes from strength to strength and continues to attract (and retain) talented fiction and non-fiction writers. 

The rebranded Pearson English Readers have launched a whole series of new titles. I adapted Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor. It seems almost criminal to call having such fun 'work' but there's a lot of hard graft involved in turning a Marvel movie into a highly structured reader with strictly defined grammatical structures and a limited vocabulary. No, nobody else believes me, either.

So far, this year has been equally busy. New clients get in touch and existing ones return - one of the joys of being an editor is the close relationship you build with your authors, especially those who continue to publish. So, despite the temptations of the Charente, I'll be beavering away in my office as ever, trying to ignore the siren calls of blazing sunshine and two-hour lunch breaks...