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Welcome to my new website!

Obviously, a website is an important business tool but it’s also a means of keeping in touch and providing encouragement to writers everywhere. Ours can be a lonely profession so a little friendly contact, even thriugh the ether, can make a positive difference.

I’m planning a weekly blog, which will be delivered every Monday(ish). As well as keeping you updated on publishing news and the challenges of working on the veranda looking out over the garden (yeah, yeah, it’s a tough life, etc. etc.), I’ll also be offering advice and guidance to writers on everything from developing literary concepts through to making submissions to publishers.

If you have an issue that you’d like me to examine, drop me an – it could prove the basis for a future blog post.

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Recent post by me on Indigo Digest – 5th June 2019

There’s an entertaining blog on the government’s HMRC digital website, entitled “Cyber Security Apprenticeships: sneaky criminals and Q from James Bond”. From the way it’s written, it’s hard to tell if the author Sam is a real person or the piece has been created by an enthusiastic PR officer. Whatever: he’s very enthusiastic about his work even if it doesn’t involve fast cars and Kingsman movie gizmos.
The fascinating aspect of the article is the way in which it illustrates how far – and into what professions – apprenticeships have developed.

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