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In this News section, I’ll keep you posted on our new releases, up-coming diary dates and any news-worthy items


Part of my core business is adapting books and movies for English language learners. Each title is carefully structured using selected vocabulary and grammar so students can work at a level that is appropriate for their language skills. It’s a great job – rather like completing a very large and complex crossword puzzle.

The Marvel Cinematic Readers (six titles from the Pearson English Readers series) were shortlisted in the Innovation in Learner Resources category of the 2019 ELTons Awards. The series was assessed by a panel of expert judges working independently (and individually, behind closed doors) and has been selected from a highly competitive field of 150 international submissions

These are the two books I adapted (despite Andy’s name being on the Amazon website for Thor!).

What's in a Marvel Reader?

Carefully graded language providing the right level of challenge and enjoyment

Who’s Who character introduction that motivates students

Images from the movie that bring the story to life, help with comprehension and provide a stimulus for discussion

Word list highlighting new vocabulary, providing a great reference tool for new language

Several pages of activities including before, during and after questions that aid comprehension, inspire discussions and check language progress

Latest Releases

A recent publication (April 2019) is this memoir by photographer and artist Robert McBurney. If you’re trying to make sense of a world that is changing very rapidly, and if you still have a capacity to find joy in a life lived quietly but well, then you’ll love this. Bob is a highly talented writer and he makes a great literary companion. Check out his website http://bobmcburney.com/ 

Bob McBurney celebrates a maverick life with the publication of his memoir ‘Nearly 79. Laughter and Loss’. A remarkable record of accidents of birth and place and their consequences, much of it set in West Yorkshire. It is full of fascinating stories written with wisdom and humour.