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About Me

About me

For more than thirty years I’ve made my living as an author, copywriter and editor. A novelist (and yes, it was a best seller!), non-fiction and short-story writer, I’ve worked for a number of major publishing houses as an editor and proof-reader. I’ve published thirty-seven books, including adaptations for Penguin Readers and a number of careers titles for Trotman and Orion Business Books. As a book adapter, I’ve won two international language Extensive Reading Foundation annual awards: Billy Elilot in 2008 and Checkmate in 2015.  

Judge’s comment:
Karen Holmes retells Marlorie Blackman’s novel with realistic dialogue that reveals the complexity of these modern characters, caught in a tension-filled conflict between their own histories and the political realities of living in a society where people are often judged unfairly.  You’ll want to read it all in one sitting!

The jury noted the sensitive handling of strong adult themes in this story.
Voters commented,
“It leaves a deep impression” (Canada);
“I felt that we must strive for our dreams”

As a writer for learning I’ve written for almost every profession at every level, from NVQ Level 1 to MBA, as well as authoring ten titles on careers development and contributing to magazines and professional journals.

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If you’re looking for a job or about to start work, now you can ensure employers know just how capable you are – and why you’re exactly the sort of person they need to hire.

New content for this edition includes: advice on developing the most sought-after personal characteristics and habits in the workplace, including the importance of determination, emotional intelligence and having a positive approach. It also includes brand new case studies from students and employers to help you with taking that important first step on the career ladder.

Based in south-west France, I have clients all over the world and can work with you via email, WhatsApp, Facetime and Skype. I offer a free one-hour consultation with authors to discuss their projects.

Words are my business and my passion. They have incredible power but only if they are used properly. My aim is to see that every piece of prose – whether it’s a novel, learning materials or a website – delivers its message clearly, professionally and to the highest possible standard.

I’m honest, sympathetic and understand the writing process well. More importantly for you, I have a very good idea of what readers are looking for when they pick up a book…








I am ably assisted by Zak and Buddy, who will happily waste my time all day long!

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