Karen Holmes

Caring for your project


Editor, Author, Copywriter, Mentor




I work with both fiction and non-fiction authors, helping them to bring their work to publication standard. Depending on their needs this may include:

  • mentoring and narrative development
  • ghostwriting
  • substantive and copy editing
  • final proofing
  • book marketing and promotion.

My fiction clients write for both the adult and children’s markets across all genres:

  • literary and historical fiction
  • romance
  • crime/thriller
  • urban fantasy and science fiction.

Having authored a number of creative-writing courses, and worked with major UK and US publishing companies, I’m familiar with the commercial market and the demands of readers.
My non-fiction clients range from authors writing their memoirs to those producing books on business practice or travel.

Learning materials

I started out in educational publishing, writing materials for schools and colleges on everything from nuclear physics for Key Stage 2 to tractor safety for the HSE. Later I extended my portfolio to include developing computer and print-based distance-learning materials, specialising in management training from Level 1 to Level 5 and MBA courses in change management. To support this work, I gained a postgraduate diploma in learning and development from the University of Leicester.  

My client list is extensive; I’ve worked directly in industry, commerce and government departments as well as for specialist learning organisations such as ICS Learn


Although it’s not my core business, I’ve worked for numerous marketing and advertising agencies that needed a wordsmith, generating print and web-based marketing copy. Now I tend to focus on work related to the publishing industry; this includes writing book blurbs, author’s website content, press releases and magazine articles.

I am happy to discuss all your projects to find the best way to progress – please e-mail me!